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Tennessee WildCasts are weekly podcasts brought to you in both video and audio formats.  These podcasts provide information on the mission of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, outdoor events and activities from hunting, fishing, boating and just about anything Outdoors.  You can listen right here or subscribe and follow on iTunes or Soundcloud.  You can watch at TWRA.tv. Come back each week and thanks for tuning in!

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Jim Stroud has been helping teach hunting basics for more than 30 years as a volunteer working with TWRA. From hunter education to serving as mentors on countless hunts, Jim is one of the agency’s most valuable sources as are hundreds of others who find ways to help volunteer to spread the word of the outdoors. In addition, he is an excellent sportsman. Learn from Jim about how to volunteer for TWRA, pick up a few hunting tips, and just enjoy the all around person that Jim Stroud is.

The TWRA will soon change its license vendor, which might seem a bland issue to most. But, it’s a big change for sportsmen. You might even say historic. Your licenses will soon look different and your shopping experience much easier than ever with this change coming Halloween Day. TWRA’s Michael May and Alicia Cheasty do an excellent job explaining why the change in license vendors has them excited  and why you and our 1,200 license agents across Tennessee should enjoy the change that comes with advanced technology.

Join a return visit to Tennessee WildCast from Darrell (Bones) Bernd. Among many topics, Bones will discuss the excellent fish and fishing opportunities on our smaller waters (rivers and creeks) and give you a website location where you can get for free the single best book ever written about the fish (from minnows to muskies) that inhabit Tennessee. He will also give us a few fish Identification tips on some of the fish you are most likely to catch wading a stream.


Link to download book:  http://trace.tennessee.edu/utk_utpress/2/

You may be a parent who doesn’t know much about hunting or fishing, but you want  your kids to have the opportunity to see if the outdoors is for them. Or, you may be a female who hasn’t had the right opportunity to cast a fishing rod or shoot a rifle or shotgun. Could be you are one of our wounded soldiers who want to continue being active in the outdoors, or start learning about the sportsman’s life. Regardless of what category you may fall under, or others we aren’t thinking about here, join Donald Hosse on this week’s Tennessee WidCast and learn from an outreach pro how you, or someone you care about, might change can be given the opportunity to get outside with others who love the outdoors and want to share their knowledge and good fortune.

Don Crawford has helped get more than 40,000 youngsters across the state get interested in shooting archery in our schools, but  as you might expect he is also an archery buff himself and will give all of you a few hunting and safety tips as we approach the 2016 archery-only deer season. Don will also discuss the National Archery In The Schools Program that kids across Tennessee are loving. Join us and then maybe get your school or you kids joined introduced to NASP and perhaps a hobby for life.

Tennessee WildCast Hosts Doug Markham and Jason Harmon go solo together in this episode of TWRA's weekly podcast. Every now and again they forgo a guest and get listeners and viewers caught up on the current events of hunting and fishing. This week they pay special attention to changes in upcoming hunt seasons and also explain the various Social Media ways to interact with the agency. Hope you enjoy the show. Someone is going to win a TN WildCast T-Shirt!

Join Darrell (Bones) Bernd as he talks about what a creel clerk does for TWRA. It's a great job and one very important to anglers. Why should you talk to a creel clerk? Watch this episode and find out, plus learn a little bit about how to tell one fish from another.

It’s great to get your Executive Director on air from time to time so that he can update everyone on the latest. That is exactly what Director Ed Carter does in this episode of Tennessee WildCast. From the budge that sportsmen help us create, to the latest news on Chronic Wasting Disease, great news about two properties benefitting sportsmen,  and a new licensing system that hunters, anglers, and boaters will soon be using.  You will enjoy our director. He is always willing to share agency news.

There is a reason that Dekalb County Wildlife Officer Joe Fortner was chose as this year’s best TWRA officer. Joe spends and easy half-hour with us discussing the Caney Fork River, Center Hill Lake, the hunting in this rural county, and even gives us a good tip or two about what to expect when you visit a TWRA shooting Range.  Before he became a county officer, Joe worked as the range manager at Stones River Shooting Range in Middle Tennessee. You will enjoy Joe and learn much from the son of Tony Fortner, the long-time officer of Williamson County.

Can you believe almost 700,000 Tennesseans (mostly youngsters) have taken and passed Hunter Education since the program began in the mid-1980s? We are looking to graduate many more in the years ahead and in this edition of Tennessee WildCast you will learn how to enroll in hunter education and also get some excellent safety tips.

Black bears once occupied all of Tennessee and while they are not as widespread as they once were, they are growing in numbers and are always an enjoyable topic of discussion. How much do black bears weigh? What do they like to eat—and no it's not just meat. Where are bears mostly found in Tennessee? Join us for this week’s Tennessee WildCast when Statewide Bear Coordinator Dan Gibbs shares a bunch of his black bear knowledge.

Region 2 Manager  Tim Cleveland makes you want to get outside! Join Tim in a lively discussion about smallmouth fishing, small rivers and creeks, access to these waters, waterfowl crop updates on local wildlife management areas,  and much more. Then get your gear and go outdoors!

Mark Gudlin has been in his new position as the Chief of Wildlife and Forestry for several months now, but we finally got to catch up with him and learned a great deal about the state of the state of our big and small game animals. From elk and deer to cottontails and quail, you’ll learn much from Mark Gudlin on this edition of Tennessee WildCast.

The labels on life jackets, like the labels on so many items in our lives, often get ignored. But, those labels can mean much to you and your family when it comes to providing the best possible chance of overcoming the results of an accident. U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are designed to provide buoyancy that will keep you afloat whenever and for whatever reason you enter the water. Join TWRA’s Statewide Boating Education Coordinator Betsy Woods as she discusses the importance of proper life jackets, the various kinds of jackets, determining which jackets are best for your particular outing, and much more

Fish Manager Todd St. John will talk with Doug and Jason about the excellent opportunities to catch all kinds of fish on the outstanding lakes found in Middle Tennessee. Todd will also discuss the future of Normandy Hatchery and an expansion that should provide millions of more fish and fishing opportunities in the years ahead.

TWRA’s Family Fishing Lakes are designed specifically, solely, completely, for fishing—whether you like bass, bluegill of  catfish. West Tennessee has an abundance of our Family Fishing Lakes , including one where a nearly 17-pound largemouth was caught and released by TWRA during an electro-fishing survey not long ago.  Learn more about these small impoundments from TWRA Fish Biologist Tim Broadbent. Then, head out with your family for a good chance of catching a great day of fishing and a guarantee of tranquility not always available on our larger public lakes.

Tennessee is one of the most boated states in the country and it is great fun, but every year the TWRA has to tell family members they have lost loved ones to a boating mishap. Boating Accident Investigator Matt Majors loves the water, but he he has worked many recovery efforts and had to endure the pain of family and friends waiting on words about their loved one. Matt will talk about how to stay safe on the water, but also discuss the tools he hates to use when a a tragic boating accidents occurs.

Some anglers are concerned about the future of crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake, others are asking questions about a contaminant warning on a portion of this famous reservoir, and yet others are worried about an invasion of Asian carp. Despite all this, TWRA fish biologist Tim Broadbent says the future of fishing in Kentucky Lake looks good and it should continue to have a reputation as one of the country’s best fishing destinations.

Meet Bill Cox, a member of the Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Commission. His love for the outdoors has helped guide him to become one of the 13-members of the commission that helps oversee the agency that manage the states 1,000+ species of fish and wildlife. As a representative of those who enjoy hunting, fishing, or just viewing our wildlife, Commissioner Cox is always working to improve outdoors opportunities.

Wouldn’t you love to catch a 200 pound sturgeon, or maybe one even bigger? The day is coming when someone will. Join Jason Henegar,  Assistant Chief of TWRA’s Fish Division, as he discusses the future of Tennessee's Lake Sturgeon among other fishy topics on this week’s Tennessee WildCast.

Have you ever wondered how the guys on TV shoot and create the great outdoor programming hitting the air waves these days?  We will talk with Barry Cross, long time videographer and now TWRA Information Specialist for Region two. We’ll get a few secrets of the trade, plus learn where to share your videos once you have a finished product.

Our Regional Information and Education Coordinators across the state are very important.  They are knowledgeable in many areas and this week we will meet with Mime Barnes in her world, atop the Cumberland Plateau. We will discuss predator control plus fishing opportunity in her neck of the woods.

The wildlife commission has met and seasons have been set for 2016. Some big changes in big games seasons. Learn about them all on Tennessee WildCast.

He is perhaps the best known anglers worldwide and he--Bill Dance--will be one of our guests in a special 1-hour episode of Tennessee WildCast. Also enjoy Garry Mason, founder of the Legends Of Outdoors and a great sportsmen himself, in this special edition shot alongside the banks of Kentucky Lake.

One of the questions TWRA gets most is “how can I become a wildlife officer?” Sumner County Wildlife Officer Eric Anderson will answer that question and much more about a great job on this week’s Tennessee WildCast

Believe it or not waterfowl season has already been set in Tennessee and Agency Commissioners will soon set all the other hunting seasons.  Learn more with TWRA Assistant Chief of Wildlife and Forestry Joe Benedict on this episode of Tennessee WildCast.

A great turkey call in one hand, lots of fishing knowledge in the other, TWRA's Mike Jolley returns to Tennessee WildCast for more great outdoors talk.

He spends many days helping manage one of America's best bass reservoirs, join TWRA's Mike Jolley as he discusses Chickamauga Lake and all the great fishing there.

While Tennessee’s native brook trout is confined to the high elevation waters of East Tennessee, the state has an excellent rainbow and brown trout resource. Learn more about tall these fish, and then get a few ultra light fishing tips from Frank Fiss, the agency’s chief of fisheries.

Turkey Season is underway in Tennessee! What kind of shape is the population in, how did we get all those turkeys, and more. Join TWRA Wildlife Biologist Roger Applegate for a conversation about our wild turkeys.

Episode 4: The voice of TWRA—Don King—will discuss the many outreach programs available to youngsters, plus the new TWRA.TV platform that has huge potential as a showcase for outdoors programming, including from you the sportsman! Don is the Chief of TWRA’s Information & Education Division.

Episode 3: Before he became the Assistant Executive Director of TWRA, Bobby Wilson spent most of his career working in and around fish. Bobby will look back discuss those earlier days, his thoughts on the State Record Largemouth bass, and dealing with the Asian Carp invasion.

Episode 2: TWRA Executive Director Ed Carter returns to WildCast to answers a few more questions about the agency and his thoughts on how Tennessee ranks with other states for outdoors opportunities.

Episode 1: TWRA Executive Director Ed Carter began working for the agency when it was known as the Game & Fish Commission in 1972.  Nearly 45 years later he heads TWRA and has had many other accomplishments along the way.